• Professionalism
    Our experienced lawyers provide constructive legal advice on all matters of law. With diverse background, our lawyers are able to tailor solutions under different circumstances on a case-by-case basis. All cases details are kept confidential by us, and will not be disclosed to irrelevant third parties without clients' prior consent.
  • Teamwork
    Collaborative problem solving leads to better outcomes, and that is why we believe in teamwork. Our default setting is that each case will be handled by a team of at least two legal professionals.
  • Integrity
    We value our adherence to moral and ethical principles in legal practices. Legal analysis is conducted objectively based on relevant facts, and we do not promise any case results to our clients. Besides, attorneys fees are charged strictly in accordance with relevant local Guidelines published by recognised authorities.
  • Global Service
    Based in Shenzhen China, we have been providing legal services to our clients in Europe, North America and South-East Asia. We tailor legal services to meet client needs from jurisdictions all over the globe.
Guangdong Lawroom Law Firm
  • 湖北安怀信律师事务所
Guangdong Lawroom Law Firm
Guangdong Lerong Law Firm is a Chinese law firm based in Shenzhen, China. Our firm specialises in providing legal services in civil and commercial law, and we provide our domestic and international clients with effective and efficient legal solutions even if the matter crosses borders. We have had international clients from Europe, North America and South-East Asia. Notably, our firm has successfully represented financial institutions and financial institution counterparties in tens of thousands of financial contract disputes since its establishment.